As with any major event, a lot of planning, organisation and hard work goes into making GIAB happen. Helen and Harald would like to acknowledge all those individuals who have contributed and offered time, effort and resources. It has been a pleasure to work with you all.

Special thanks go out to our wonderful team of volunteers who have assisted us in all manner of activities ranging from the distribution of marketing material and management of the GIAB social network profile to assisting artists at the event. Those involved included:

Amy Pickles,  Anna Danielewicz,  Anna Keville,  Beverley Walker,  Caroline Thomson,  Cerys Galbraith,  Claire Biddles,  Cristina Chiran,  David Patrick,  Elaine Shaddock, Ellie Sharville,  Emily Tumbleson,  Emma Tracey,  Emma McGlacken Ryan, Eve Somerville, , Francesca Ramsay, Hannah Hamill,  Heather Walker,  Lauren Hunter,  Marta Soos,  Maxine Mcginn, Melissa Winning, Pavel Dousek, Sarah Kettle, Sonia Hufton, Sophia Platts-Palmer, Stephanie Gaumond ,Tess Vaughan

Rosie and the staff at All That Is Solid who kindly allowed us to hold GIAB volunteer meetings in their comfortable space at South Block on Osborne Street.

Jethro Brice for giving us access to ‘The Do-It-Yourself guide to urban wildlife habitat regeneration’.

Diana DeCesaris Champa who kindly wrote an article about the Diary Project especially for the GIAB catalogue .

Michelle, Sally and others at Market Gallery for giving us the opportunity to be involved in the Art Lending Library at the Mitchell Library.

Douglas McNaughton for promoting GIAB at the Book Cultures event.

Claire Squires who provided us with a catalogue essay discussing the Book Cultures conference held in March 2012.

GIAB participants – GIAB would not exist without you!

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