An artist-led resource for UK artists making one-off books or small editions. Provides an opportunity to share exhibition costs online or at artist’s book fairs.
An artist run organisation that distributes, publishes, exhibits and runs educational programmes involving contemporary artists books.

The CODEX Foundation, USA
Established in 2005 with the aim of preserving and promoting the arts of the book.

Fine Press Book Association
An association dedicated to the appreciation of finely printed books and their production. Open to presses, collectors, printers, artists etc.

Letterpress Alive
Established by the Alembic Press to archive information on letterpress activities in the UK and encourage a greater awareness of the subject.

A prolific website for artists’ books information, plus links to numerous book arts websites. The website also has links to book arts discussion groups.

Publish and Be Damned
Collects and exhibits an international selection of artists published periodicals, from fanzines to Journals, concentrating on experimental editorial directions.

The Book Art Project
Paul Johnson Director
Paul Johnson’s project to encourage book arts in education.

The Society of Bookbinders
The Society of Bookbinders is dedicated to traditional bookbinding and to the preservation and conservation of the printed and written word.